gold products

gold products

In 2008, Danish visionaries – Victor Moreno and Marco Merie – challenged the world of fashion and beauty. They created a completely new definition of quality for hair care products – Gold Professional Haircare. Thousands of stylists around the world choose the Gold brand as a unique high-class brand and the only one that meets restrictive Danish environmental standards. Nature is of fundamental importance to us, therefore all the components come exclusively from renewable and sustainable sources.
100 ml

Gold Premium Hair Color

A complete color line of 80 shades and 8 boosters, created to cover any possible need. Anything from coverage of grey hair, vibrant reds, coppers and browns and beautiful blondes.
Passion, determination and commitment to research. A close relationship with the hairdresser and constant attention to consumer needs have inspired this unique formulation. An innovative natural complex of botanical ingredients rich in precious nutritive elements revitalizes the hair as it colors restoring its natural softness and silkiness. Deeply moisturizing ingredients ensure maximum color perfection while respecting the skin and hair. Nutrients fuel the hair with deep care after coloring, restructuring it from the inside and sealing it with a protective layer on the outside.

Our clean formulas are free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol and parabens and are vegan. We are passionate trend-setters who remain committed to perfection turning the very best ideas into a beautiful reality.

A Synergistic Complex of Botanical ingredients rich in precious nutritive elements revitalizes the hair. Hair is left moisturized, soft, and silky with radiant color depth.

A special Liquid Crystal System entraps the dyes protecting them from premature oxidation. The Liquid Crystals help deliver intact pigments deep inside the cortex for vibrant, intense and long-lasting color with a perfectly balanced homogeneous result.

The highly concentrated Liquid Crystal System is a perfectly balanced environmentally conscious formula which avoids excess dyes washing down the drain and into the eco system.

  • made with love
  • paraben free
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • color safe
  • antioxidants
  • sustainable
  • organic ingredients
  • botanical-complex
  • liquid crystal technology
  • ppd free
  • skin protecton
  • natural complex
  • resorcinol free

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