What colour is the evening sky?

Classic blue

For a hair stylist color is not only the shade of client’s hair, but above all a number of personality traits and beauty type. What we want to convey to the world with the hair can be the fulfillment of a momentary whim or the realization of a thoughtful, multi-month cooperation between the stylist and the client. The color reflects the art of hairdressing, completes personality, emphasizes lifestyle, and it is a complementary part of the image we create.

Imagine the world where truth and trust are the basis of interpersonal relationships. Being at this place you feel stability, self-confidence – you know that your life is based on solid foundations so you can broaden your mind and fully open up to communication with yourself and other people. The technology that surrounds you does not disturb the sense of peace and harmony, but only allows you to discover new possibilities. Welcome to the world of color of 2020 – according to Pantone it’s 19-4052 Classic Blue. The American Pantone Institute is an expert in the field of colors and a color research unit. The color of the year addresses lifestyle and industry trends and responds to the needs of society in a global village. Classic Blue 19-4052 is a shade associated with the evening sky, which is supposed to make you reflect and constantly expand your perspectives …



Undoubtedly, hair is one of the most important femininity attributes and has a huge impact on the image. A perfectly selected hair color is such that matches the type of beauty and highlights its strengths. Moreover, a perfect cut gives the face a desired shape. In this aspect Gold Professional Haircare recommends putting yourself in the hands of a professional. The extremely talented personal branding creator – Elżbieta Lepianka- UNEEL, has made a spectacular transformation of two participants in one of the episodes of Makeover created in collaboration with Anka Dziedzic and Sara Czarna. Two heroines, two completely different approaches to femininity – you simply have to see it – premiere January 2020.