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In 2009, Danish visionaries Marco Merie and Victor Moreno challenged the world of fashion and beauty by creating a completely new definition of quality for hair care products, answering the needs of beauty with the essence of nature - Gold Professional Haircare.Thousands of stylists around the world trust the Gold Haircare brand not only because of its high standards in formulations and excellence in education, but because it remains steadfast in its dedication to environmental sustainability.

The secret to the success of Gold Professional Haircare is that it merges the world of fashion with the beauty and function of nature. This sophisticated, clean brand is formulated with superior natural ingredients from around the world like Marine Algae, Marula Oil, Porcelain Flower and carefully selected powerful vegetable proteins. All have been hand-picked because of their ability to be sourced sustainably. The 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners and styling products have the Green Certification from the Danish government and are subjected to strict quality verification processes at every stage of production.


An innovative approach to hair coloring which combines exclusive revolutionary ingredients with top-notch technology. A synergistic natural complex of botanicals and nutrient-rich elements revitalizes the hair in a new, industry-leading way. Maximum color perfection is achieved each and every time while intensely moisturizing and restoring the hair’s natural softness and shine. Even for the most sensitive skin and damaged hair, this system is 100% vegan and free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol & parabens whilst also being kind to the environment.

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Gold Haircare CEO
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Proud and independent beauty brand, built on passion and love for the art of hairdressing. Understands elegance, sophistication and power to creatively be yourself. Danish heritage and art of design come through in the packaging.
Gold Haircare is a scandinavian synergy of beauty and nature. 100% vegan and environmentally friendly products contain high quality ingredients including pure oils, plant extracts, and antioxidants that mainly come from renewable and sustainable sources. Formulated and produced to comply with strict quality and green regulations.


Gold Professional Haircare founders - Marco Merie and Victor Moreno are members of the oldest animal rights organization in the world - PETA. Our unique cosmetics and their ingredients are not tested on animals.  


Oceana is working to restore marine ecosystems and restore global fish stocks, basing it’s campaigns and activities on scientific reserch. By supporting the organization, we contribute to protecting the global marine and ocean resources.


The Nature Conservancy has been working on the protection of natural resources of the earth for almost 70 years. Organization support is one of the most important activities of the Danish Gold Haircare brand.

Natural origin ingredients (NOI)

Gold Haircare is ISO 16128 certified. All shampoos, conditioners and masks contain 98-100% of natural active ingredients.