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created to protect the colour 250 ml

Lighten & colour conditioner

Gold Lighten & Color Conditioner is an advanced conditioner that works on many levels. It was created to protect the colour of dyed hair during washing and thermal styling, as well as to prevent the effects of UV rays and free radicals. The unique effect of antioxidants: argan and sunflower oil makes the hair light, soft and moisturized. The concentrated formula and deep action of the ingredients: glycerin and vitamin B5 cause water retention in the hair structure, which particularly improves the condition of damaged and dehydrated hair. Organic HydroGuar formula helps to retain color deeply in the hair structure, wrapping it with a delicate protective layer, without weighing it down.

  • Potency: deep
  • PH 3,5
  • UV filter
  • Sulfate, silicone and par aben free
  • Disciplines curls
  • Strongly nourishes and moisturizes
  • Protects color
  • 100% vegan

How to use: Apply on clean, damp hair as a second step in Gold Shampoo treatment. Leave for 3-4 minutes, rinse with luk ewarm water.

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