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smoothing cream 150 ml

Smoothing cream

Gold Smoothing Cream will be ideal if you want to regenerate your hair at the stage of styling. Liquid keratin will perfectly fill in extremely sensitive hair, leaving it incredibly smooth and soft. Gold Smoothing Cream will make your hair disciplined and frizz-free. Say goodbye to fizzy hair for the day!

  • Protects in thermal styling up to 180┬░C
  • Strongly regenerates
  • Guarantees the effect of super shiny hair
  • Smoothes, giving the effect of a wet look
  • Perfectly complements Gold Styling & Heat products

How to use: Apply on damp hair and style it the way you like. You will get great shine using a straightener. If you want a complementary treatment for split ends, use Smoothing Cream along with Gold Silk Drops.

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