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reconstruction shampoo 250 ml

Metamorphyc dream shampoo

The moment has come to fulfill your dreams of perfect hair care – sensual, refined and incredibly feminine. Dream Shampoo will take you into another dimension of luxury thanks to the essence of porcelain flowers, the power of which will provide your hair with impeccable smoothness. The content of purple orchids extract enhances the inner hair strength, leaving it moisturized and indecently shiny.

  • Increases hydration level
  • Enhances inner hair str ength
  • Protects dyed hair color
  • UV filter
  • PH 5
  • Sulfate and par aben free
  • 100% vegan

How to use: Apply a small amount (concentrated product) on damp hair. Rinse with lukewarm water and add Gold Come True Conditioner to achieve the best effect.

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