What colour is the evening sky?

It’s Classic Blue!

For a hair stylist color is not only the shade of client’s hair, but above all a number of personality traits and beauty type. What we want to convey to the world with the hair can be the fulfillment of a momentary whim or the realization of a thoughtful, multi-month cooperation between the stylist and the client. The color reflects the art of hairdressing, completes personality, emphasizes lifestyle, and it is a complementary part of the image we create.

Imagine the world where truth and trust are the basis of interpersonal relationships. Being at this place you feel stability, self-confidence – you know that your life is based on solid foundations so you can broaden your mind and fully open up to communication with yourself and other people. The technology that surrounds you does not disturb the sense of peace and harmony, but only allows you to discover new possibilities. Welcome to the world of color of 2020 – according to Pantone it’s 19-4052 Classic Blue. The American Pantone Institute is an expert in the field of colors and a color research unit. The color of the year addresses lifestyle and industry trends and responds to the needs of society in a global village. Classic Blue 19-4052 is a shade associated with the evening sky, which is supposed to make you reflect and constantly expand your perspectives.

And now, realize that you create the reality that surrounds you, that, as a hairdresser and a stylist by vocation, you are obliged to move the guests of your salon to this magical world, that you open the door to new trends and you are able to change their view of hair forever … For many years I have been a trainer, colorist and enthusiast of hairdressing, and everything I do professionally results from a deep need to change people’s heads from the inside and outside, which is why I feel the unusual closeness of the Classic Blue color and the message it brings for 2020. During inspirational trainings that I run for the Gold Professional Haircare brand, I show how to transfer the world of color to salon reality, giving pleasure to myself and the clients.

In 2019, we discussed color trends & formulas, and with the help of our original 11 foils technique, we created beautiful and usable coloring. I shared my experience, inspired with the Living Coral formula and proved that even an extraordinary color can be used commercially. I am looking forward to the next meeting with you in 2020 – a truly Golden Year is coming. Do you think Glossy Mocha and Milk Chocolatte are new items on the Starbucks’ menu and Root-Smooching is a new vegan cocktail? Does Cinamon Red match Classic Blue? And, what color could have become the color of Pantone 2020 but on the home straight lost the fight ? And why do I have feelings for it? I will gladly answer these and many other questions shortly – see you soon!