Platin Blonde Element




  1. Pre-lighten all hair with 30g bleach + 60ml 6%

  2. Color A: 10.31 25g + 11.13 25g + 75ml. 3%

  3. Color B: White (000SSS) 10g + 0,33 10g + 30ml. 3%

2. Technique

  1. Pre-lighten all over working form the ends and lenghts towards the roots. Once applied provide a gentle yet constant massage to distribute the natural heat evenly for the best result. Application time: 15min.

  2. All over color with color A. Application time: 30min

  3. Color Panel in front with color B. Application time 30min


3. The Cut

This haircut is a softly textured long bob with longer parts in the front creating an illusion of volume hair enhancing the details in color.


  1. Before cutting, prepare the hair by washing and treating with Gold Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. To start the cut prepare the hair with Gold Ten in One conditioning spray.

  2. Section the hair into 4 equal sections. Section from front to neck and from ear to ear. It’s important to be sure that your client has her head tilted down.

  3. Start off with the hair in the back (neck line). Cut the hair for desired length. Use horizontal separation with 1.5 cm division. Pull the strands of hair to the center of the head keeping in mind the 45 degree angle.

  4. Going to the side of the head. First separation is pointed horizontally and is cut to the length of the back hair we have already cut in the desired length. Continue the cut using diagonal separations with a 45 degree angle keeping in mind to cut all of the next layers to the guide line of the back of the head so the front layers keep their length.

  5. Finish the first side before you start the other.

4. Styling

  1. Use delicious foundation, Volume Spray and Ten In One to add protection, nourish, volume and control.

  2. Blow-dry using the big sized brush to create fantastic volume.

  3. Last touch: Use Hair Spray to keep the hair volumed.