Gold Professional Haircare is born out the passion & love for the craft of hairdressing. With many years of product development experience combined with the leading chemists and stylist in Scandinavia who all share the same vision for futuristic hairproducts.

Enviromentally friendly products that provides performance, strength and longevity to support today’s ever changing looks. The hair care line is born out of our personal philosophy:
“To challenge and create the future”. Inspired by the best of nature’s fragances and food’s textures.

Our products are mostly exclusively made from renewable and sustainable resources, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. The GOLD range of products is an indulgence of innovative & functionable products.

The creators, developers
and owners of GOLD HAIRCARE. 

Victor Moreno and Marco Merie are known and recognized for their work internationally for the past 18 years. Their passion and love for the craft reflects all the aspects of the business they have experience in. From participating in competitions and being leader stylists in more than 8 different fashion weeks all over the globe. From their appearances in TV recognised for more than 8 years as beauty experts and with own TV- show. Through their previous work with major global brands as product developers and head-art directors.

Marco and Victor, the creative beauty hairstylists will continue challenging themselves to reach their own insatiable search for perfection.

Gold Owner’s Full Interview

What is gold?

Why did we create gold?

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Where does the inspiration comes from?

How do you develop the line?

What is the Main focus?